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Maier Tidy Bowl Portable Toilets

Portable Toilets

For outdoor activities, construction sites, and more, we rent out portable utilities, such as portable toilets and hand washing stations, to get you through the day.

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Septic Systems

At Maier’s Tidy Bowl, we both design and install septic tanks for our customers in southern Illinois to ensure a clean, healthy sewer system in your home or business.

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Pumping Services

We have liquid waste pumps and utilities in stock to assist in removing liquid waste safely and maintain high health standards for home and business owners.

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About Maier's Tidy Bowl

At Maier’s Tidy Bowl, we have been in business since 1998, providing our services to the southern Illinois area. We have portable toilets for every occasion – from construction sites, festivals, and family reunions to weddings, we have everything you need. With the largest fleet of trucks and the combined experience of our experts, we are the leading experts in the industry.

Maier’s Tidy Bowl Equipment & Services

Over the years, we have continued to grow and expand, becoming one of the leading providers in the liquid waste industry. While we offer portable sanitation solutions ranging from portable toilets, hand wash stations, holding tanks, showers, and temporary freshwater systems, we also provide our customers with a variety of other services, including:

This diversity and variety of services ensure that we can meet the needs of our customers with confidence and punctuality.

Hydro-Action Units

In addition, we at Maier’s Tidy Bowl are a proud distributor of hydro-action aeration units. This series of equipment allows for the easy treatment of wastewater from residential and commercial facilities. This technology is incredibly advanced and allows waste to be moved throughout the system more efficiently. We are proud to be at the forefront of these technological leaps.

Additional Services

Not only are we trained and experienced to effectively install liquid pump disposal and septic systems, we also take the time to design these systems upon request. With this clear insight into designing these systems, we can delineate the situations in which they will work best and be mindful of their applications and usage. This information will allow us to install the best product possible and ensure that it serves your home or business effectively.

Call Maier’s Tidy Bowl To Learn More

If you need reliable portable sanitation systems or a septic system to be uniquely designed to the specifications of your home, call Maier’s Tidy Bowl to learn more. We are proud to serve the communities in southern Illinois and offer equipment and services to meet their needs. Give us a call at (618) 777-0107 or contact us through our website for fast, friendly, and professional services.

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